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This project seeks to demonstrate that a robotic platform together with a teacher can give high quality hybrid classes at Prepa Tec that enhances the student's attention to the exposed topics by changing the stimulus, generates more participation by the student, and that knowledge acquired is long-term.


The ultimate goal is to make learning more meaningful, which should translate into better grades.



Robotics in the classroom

allows, not only to study issues of automation and control of processes in the area of ​​technology and information technology, but also serves as an aid in learning different areas of knowledge. 


Robots arouse interest in students by being striking concrete objects. 






must be implemented under an approach that takes into account the learning environment, the planning of the activities, the resources, the time necessary to carry out each of them and the methodology to carry them out.





of ​​the PrepaTec, Campus Ciudad de México, 

according to the evaluation of ECOA 2017 teachers11, the general average of the teachers who taught mathematics classes in the area of ​​methodology and learning activities was 8.89 on a scale from 1 to 10. This value was the lowest compared to the other indicators in the survey. 



that it is necessary to improve the clarity and precision of the explanations, as well as to innovate in teaching techniques.

The above has a direct impact on the development of the competencies of the Mathematical Modeling Principles course. 


Which include learning on their own;


use technological devices and basic productivity tools to research and produce learning material ethically and efficiently; and apply numerical, algebraic and geometric procedures to understand and analyze real situations. 

The use of a technological platform will help to meet the expected objectives.




General objective:

The objective of this project is to improve the levels of attention and motivation of the students of the Prepa Tec CCM, through the application of a robotic platform as a support tool for the teaching team of the mathematics department.

 Specific objectives

Design and implementation of a math class session, designed as part of the academic program for high school students

Programming a robotic system with basic and advanced

movements that accompany the design of the session and / or class. Design and methodology for the evaluation of the attention of high school students.

Establishment of a control and experimental group to be able to measure the impact of the robotic tool.

Analysis and evaluation of the process: quantitative and qualitative analysis.

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             Mail: edlopez@tec.mx


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