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   NAO Team

           v.s. COVID

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Ayúdanos a combatir al malvado COVID 

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The objective of this project is to implement health promotion actions through the support of NAO humanoid robots, in order to strengthen prevention to reduce the risk of contagion in the presence of the Covid 19 virus in the Mexican child and adult population elderly through digital media and / or social networks. As well as generating an accompaniment tool thinking about the psychological well-being, in the confinement stage of the Mexican population, as well as the reincorporation at the end of the same.

Specifically, the project includes two specific lines:

  1. Realization of relevant and truthful information capsules (videos) to combat misinformation and false news that abound on the web about COVID and how to combat it.

  2. Making videos with entertainment and / or dispersal activities to mitigate the adverse psychological or psychosocial effects due to social distancing. The activities include virtual games, stories, dance routines or exercises, etc.


Contact us

             Mail: edlopez@tec.mx


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